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At David Bernstein Custom Homes, our mission is to constantly redefine the modern luxury space with innovative homes that inspire, and offer sanctuary within a rapidly changing world.
the beginning
In 2009, after years of hands-on experience in the residential construction industry and a passion to take modern building and design to the next level, CEO and founder David Bernstein created DB Custom Homes. Through the years, David has developed strong relationships with industry leading professionals and trades, as well as a dedicated team of in-house professionals who share his vision to meticulously craft luxurious and highly functional state-of-the-art custom homes.

The homes David has built over the years are a symbol of his passion for his craft, but behind the scenes, his dedication to his clients and the life-long friendships that are forged in the process, are what he truly prides himself on.
“As a homeowner, a father, and a builder, I understand the intrinsic connection a family has to their home. My job is to work with people’s largest asset and their most personal space, and I take my role in shaping the beauty, fluidity and functionality of each home, as seriously as I would my own. Getting to the heart of what people want from their homes and being on their team to make it happen beyond what they envision, is my ultimate goal.”

Our Team

The DB Custom Homes team has the experience, training, resources, and connections to bring your luxury modern custom home to life.

Holly Coon

Creative Director, Interior Design




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